Saturday, 13 September 2014

Chicken Tinola

It's the monsoon season and it's been raining a lot for the last few days. The weather has been turned a bit chilly now. I love rainy days (See: Pluviophilic.) It's the perfect weather to curl up inside my book reading fort with a mug of hot chocolate or watch my favorite series with a hot bowl of soup-based dishes. So I took advantage of the weather to cook one of my favorite Filipino food, Chicken Tinola. And here I am, sharing the recipe.

Monday, 8 September 2014

The Diorama Experience

How's everyone doing?

Last time I studied Science through the Mind Museum (See entry here:A Day Inside Mind Museum ). This time, I took up History, Philippine History to be exact. ♥
Remember when I visited Jana Benitez's exhibit in Ayala Museum? (Check it here: Life Force by Jana Benitez) I also visited the museum's Diorama Experience which takes up the entire second floor. The exhibit itself was completed in 1971. Carved by highly skilled woodcarving craftsmen from Paete, Laguna (a province known for their excellent woodcarving artistry), the exhibits uses miniature statues, infrastructures, and scenery which are then encased in glass showcases to depict the major events in Philippine history. The exhibit also comes with an Audio Diorama Guide available in iPods which can be rented.

Please take note that these are some of the displays I liked best and NOT the entire exhibit.