Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Managing Your Finances

Ever since I moved out (see: The Highs and Lows of Moving Out ), I have learned the value of money. And since I am close to reaching my Save Big Challenge (read post here: The Save Big Challenge), I thought I'd a post an entry on what steps I took to reach it.

I started working after I graduated and I know that liberating feeling of knowing that you have your own money to spend however you like. After all, you worked your ass off and you deserve to reward yourself with a little something, right?

Sure, but the question is how little is that something? Is it going to slash a huge chunk off of your paycheck and spend the rest on your everyday expenses? Then whatever is left goes to your savings?

During the years I have worked, that’s how I managed my finances. I was able to save a small amount but that didn’t bother. I foresaw no huge expenditure that I would need to spend my money on. And until I got hospitalized. I am not a sickly person, I barely get sick and if I do get the cough and colds, it’s just usually for two to three days. I have never thought that I’d be confined and in a matter of days, all money I have saved went down the drain. I have come to a point wherein I had only Php 250.00 (almost $5.00) to my name until the next paycheck. I had to resort to borrowing money in order to pay for my daily expenses. And that’s something I never want to go through again.

Monday, 10 November 2014

15 Things A Bookworm Will Understand

Do you love to read? Do you spend hours curled up with a good book on hand? Do you inhale every word that's written on every page?

Yes, yes and yes!

Then here are a few things you can definitely relate to:

1. Spending hours inside a bookstore deciding on what to buy.

I want this! And that! And ooh those too!