Monday, 10 November 2014

15 Things A Bookworm Will Understand

Do you love to read? Do you spend hours curled up with a good book on hand? Do you inhale every word that's written on every page?

Yes, yes and yes!

Then here are a few things you can definitely relate to:

1. Spending hours inside a bookstore deciding on what to buy.

I want this! And that! And ooh those too!

2. Then wishing you had more money to buy all of the books you wanted.

I neeeeeeeeed to buyyyyyy iiiiiiiit!

3. And then wishing you lived inside a bookstore instead.

It's like Disneyland. lol

4. Nothing gets you high than smelling the pages of both old and new books.

Go ahead, take a whiff.

5. Running out of bookshelf space.

Umm. Right.

6. Giving people the evil eye when they interrupt you while reading.

Go away.

7. Picking reading your books over sleeping.

Yes, one more page please?
8. Quoting lines from a book but none of your friends get it.

*crickets chirping*

9. That mortified look on your face when people ask you what your favorite book is.

Seriously?! Just one?!

10. Feeling absolutely disgusted when your favorite book gets turned to a movie and they get everything wrong.

'Nuff said.

11. Lending your books and fearing that you will never see them again.


12. Falling in love with one of the characters.

Marry meeeeee!

13. A sense of impending doom when you know you're close to the end.

Oh no.

14. Screaming your life is over after you finished reading a good book.

15. Going out of your mind while waiting for the sequel.


Cheers, my fellow book drunkards! ~♥

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