Thursday, 22 May 2014

Channeling Dora the Explorer

Hello! What's up?

My friends have been asking me what got me started backpacking. If you've reading my previous posts you know when but if not, here's the story: Summer Sunshine in Bolinao

Anyways, since I enjoyed backpacking so much I decided to do it whenever time permits me, accompanied or not. I've been asked a lot if I don't feel scared at all. Of course I do. Unfamiliar place, strangers everywhere and a lot of things that could happen that you had not accounted for. Life is full of surprises and you have to hope for the best but also expect the worst.

When I first travelled alone. I picked a place that's familiar: Baguio. I have an aunt and uncle who lives in Baguio and I have been there a number of times but never fully explored the city. That gave me a bit of assurance that in case something goes awry, there's someone there to help me out.

Since I survived Baguio, I picked a place a little farther from a familiar place. That's where Baler came in. My mom lives in Cabanatuan City and Baler is just 3 hours away. She also knows some of the local bus drivers and told them I was going there. At least I know, there are people there who can look out for me.

Those trips help me gain courage to try and go somewhere new and really far. I feel like Bilbo Baggins being whisked off from Bag End. ^___^

What I keep in mind when I do the Dora:

1. I make sure that someone knows where I'm going.
2. Prior to travelling, I search the number of police stations, hospitals and fire department.
3. Be friendly but always on my guard.
4. Familiarize myself with the roads and landmarks in the area.
5. Always stash extra money in different places not just my wallet. (I keep them inside the socks I'm wearing.)
6. I bring a simple phone with me in case, goodness forbid, my mobile phone gets lost or stolen. It also comes in handy when my mobile phone runs out of battery.

Of course, nothing ever goes as planned but that's the beauty of it. You get to experience adeventures that otherwise will not happen on a booked tour. I know travelling alone can be unnerving but if you let your sense of adventure overpower your fear, the experience is very worthwhile.

Hope this helps! 

Dora the Explorer. Lol

Until the next adventure,
Sammy ♥

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