Monday, 13 January 2014

My Beach Body Challenge

Hi! What's new? 

Remember my Carpe Diem Post? (You can check it here: Carpe Diem My Friend) Well, I just got told off by our vendor manager to start hitting the gym (just kidding Scott! ^__^) . I've been on hiatus because I had a lot of errands to take care of these last few weeks. So I decided to get started on my Beach Body Challenge. (We only have two seasons here in the Philippines; the summer and the rainy season. Summer here in the Philippines starts in late March.)

I found a fellow blogger who posted a 30 Day All Body Challenge. (Don't forget to check out her blog: A champagne dream.)

Here's the daily challenge.

I'll do this challenge together with my fitness program. Hopefully, after this challenge, I'll fit into the swimsuits I bought for my planned summer getaways and slip into a snazzy cocktail dress in time for our Alumni Homecoming (Gah!). 

Challenge starts tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Ja ne~ ♥
Sammy :)

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