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The One With the 30 Day Slim Down Challenge

Hi! How's it hanging? Hope you all had a great week!
For a while now, a lot of people are asking me what inspired me to hit the gym. I didn't actually know that I would get hooked with working out. 

How I got started:

I started this challenge last July 15, 2013. It simply started as a bet between me and a friend (hello Chris! ^_^). If I manage to lose weight within 30 days, he'll give me an amount (I won't say how much. lol.) Not wanting to back down from a challenge, I agreed. Looking back, I realize how pathetic I was that my reason to get me to start losing weight was a wager. Whatever works, I guess. Haha!

So I search the all knowing Google for some weight loss tips and goodness gracious! They were a lot. And seemed like a LOT of work. I was starting to think I'm not going to be able to do it. Luckily I came across a site (I forgot which one though, credits to that site and thank you!) which asks you to post a picture a day to answer their 30-Day questions.

Here it is:

Day 1: How would you rate your level of energy, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest then post your stats.
Day 2: What are your top 6 workout songs that you listen to?
Day 3: What workout did you do today?
Day 4. After your workout session, how do you cool down?
Day 5. What was your favorite sport or activity as a child? Why?
Day 6. Minus whatever factor there may be, given the chance which sport would you love to pursue?
Day 7. Are you looking forward to yur workout tomorrow? Why?
Day 8. What is your workout routine?
Day 9. Why do you really want to lose weight?
Day 10. What is your favorite workout attire?
Day 11. What are your favorite munchies after working out?
Day 12. Has anyone given you a comment about your weight?
Day 13. Do you workout in an air conditioned room?
Day 14: How long does it take you you to finish your workout?
Day 15: Halfway there! How will you reward yourself after this challenge?
Day 16. What motivates you to accomplish this challenge?
Day 17. Have you joined any group fitness classes?
Day 18. Do you prefer working out alone or with a friend?
Day 19. What part of your workout do you like the least?
Day 20. What food did you have to give up?
Day 21. They say it takes 21 days to develop a habit. How are you doing so far?
Day 22. Are you considering signing  up for a gym membership after this challenge?
Day 23. Do you prfer listening to music or watching TV while doing your workout?
Day 24. Has anyone commented that you've made any progress?
Day 25. Do you try to push yourself harder with your workout routine?
Day 26. Do you feel or see any dfference since you started this challenge?
Day 27. Hpw do you look before and after your workout?
Day 28. Did you stick to a particular diet during this challenge? Any food weaknesses?
Day 29. Are you proud you made it this far?
Day 30. Congratulations! How do you look? Post your before and after picture and your stats.

My workout routine? 1 hour of cardio a day plus 30 minutes of core exercises, six days a week (What?! I know, I was just so pumped to win the bet and lose weight at the same time. Haha!) My cardio varies from running on the treadmill to pedaling the stationary bike, from aeroboxing to Zumba and Hip~Hop. The core exercises I do include 50 crunches, 30 sit ups, 30 second to 1 minute planking 1 minute Romanian twists. I'm just grateful that our office offers free exclusive gym membership. :)
Diet? I didn't particularly stuck to a diet, even now. I just consumed less than what I did before I started. For example, before I ate 2 cups of rice, now I just eat 1 1/2 or 1. My friends say I still eat like a cow (more like a dinosaur. lol.) Less soda though.

The result?
Above: Before (July 15)
Below: After (August 15)
I picked Facebook as my weight loss journal (and to keep Chris updated on how I'm doing so far.) And I'm proud to say, I made it! *phew* I'm happy to say, I've managed to have several friends go to the gym too. And I made new ones as well!

Meet my trainers!
From L-R: Joann, Eric and Divine

So far, I've been going to the gym for 4 months now. I've already changed my program three times and I still plan on continuing. Not only did I lose weight, I feet great! I no longer catch my breath after climbing several flights of stairs, my lower back pain is gone and I'm stronger too! (My male officemates say my punch hurt like hell. Hahaha!)
I've now added Yoga to my routine and will take up Boxing next. :)

It's really easy to get started. But once the excitement dies down, it's hard to keep going. But don't fret! You just have to find that right motivation like that cute guy/gal who goes to the gym as well, an outfit you plan to wear after the challenge, a beach getaway to flaunt that sexy bod or that personal feeling of accomplishment. You can also pick a personal mantra to keep that motivation sky high! Again, whatever works! ^__^ ~ ♥

So don't lose hope. I know how it feels when you don't see or feel any changes. I had to go through a lot of put-me -downs as well but always remember, there will be will haters, doubters and non-believers. Then there's you, proving them wrong. :)

~Sammy ♪

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