Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Book Dilemma

As I continue on with my Save Big Challenge, I discovered a huge setback while I was doing my monthly budget plan. I am -wait for it- an impulsive book buyer! *gasp*

I have a budget for buying books, of course, but what I haven't realized is that I tend to buy every time I enter a bookstore. It dawned on me that I never leave a bookstore without buying one. *gah!*

So what's a book junkie supposed to do? Never enter a book store again? It's like asking me to shoot my own foot! (And quite frankly, I'd rather shoot my foot than be denied access inside a bookstore. j/k.)

Go electronic? I'm all for e-books and sure there are sites which will allow you to download them for free but I prefer the smell and feel of an actual book, leafing and hearing the sound of the page being turned. I only read e-books if I can't find the copy of the title I'm looking for.

Book sale? Sure. But you have to browse for a long time and, if you're lucky, find one that you really like and still have to shell out some cha-ching for that (which I am trying to avoid.)

Is that it? No other option?

Fret not, I found a solution! All you need are friends who are also bookworms. (Thankfully, I have lots.)

Rounding them up, I proposed a book swap session. I posted the books that I have and they get to choose which ones they want to borrow. They will then post the books that they own for trading.


My friend, Mico, and I traded our books first. (See photo above.) She asked for the copy of "Battle Royale" by Koushun Takami and "A Chinese Cinderella" by Adeline Yen Mah. I chose "Every day" by David Levithan, "I loved, I lost, I made spaghetti" by Giulia Melucci and "The ocean at the end of the lane" by Neil Gaiman. (Reviews on those after I'm done.)
We then agreed on a date to meet up and trade books. (See photo below.)

Thanks Mico~
Meet Mico!


It's a win-win situation! A symbiotic relationship of financial proportions! Not only did I have new books to read, but I also didn't have to spend big bucks to get them. Same goes for Mico. See what I mean by win-win? ^____^

If you plan on doing the same thing, make sure you return each other's books and make sure you take care of the books you borrowed. If you got them wrinkle-free, make sure they get them back still wrinkle-free.

I'm glad I have book-loving friends and I'm relieved I managed to cover that financial hole. Well, my kettle's whistling. Time to prepare tea and get back to my reading (in case your wondering, I started off with "Every day".)

Till the next post! Ciao~


Sammy ~♫

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