Monday, 6 January 2014

The Save Big Challenge

Hey there!

A post from Kuripot Pinay went viral during the last week. It outlines a weekly saving plan that will allow a person to save more than 60,000Php by the end of the year. (Check it here: Kuripot Pinay) There is also a similar post from Minimum Compliance that follows the same outline but breaks it down to different amount selected (Check it out: Minimum Compliance) which allows you to save from 27K up to 137K.

Kuripot Pinay Version

Minimum Compliance/Emerald Ridao Version

I already have a budget alloted to my savings and emergency fund but I decided to take on this challenge to leave me enough dough to spend something for myself by the end of the year (or to be added to my personal savings. ^_^) I tweaked the amount bit though. I have a budget to stick to and if I follow the outlines above, it will mean that by October I have to shell out almost 2K. That's a burning a hole in my pocket considering I'm on a tight budget. Since I get paid twice a month, I decided to save 1000Php per cut-off so by the end of the year I would have 23K. Not bad if I'm only planning to save it on personal stuff.

Hopefully, I will be able to stick with this savings plan. It's never too late to plan ahead. You with me? :)

Love and kisses,
Sammy ♥

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